Cordova Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten

A warm and caring environment for learning and growing  

Tuition  rates are valid from June-August.   Rates will change on September 2023 to reflect our fall prices.  Please call if you are interested in fall prices.

                                     Part Time                             Full Time
                          (7:00 a.m – 12.50 p.m.)                   (7:00 am – 6:00 p.m.)


2 day a week/month          $320.00                              $415.00
3 day a week/month          $400.00                              $515.00
4 day a week/month          $485.00                              $625.00

5 day a week/month           $560.00                              $740.00

Kindergarten                      $515.00                               $740.00

A monthly fee $20.00 is added to tuition for our Amazing Athlete program.


After school care for school age children is the following:  

After school    $10.00/hour .  

Full non school days/ daily drop in   $45.00 per day (5 or more hours)

part-time non school day/ daily drop in  $35.00 (less than 5 hours per day)

These may change without notice, please call us for details:
*There is 20% Discount for 2nd Child Rate.
*For Cordova Baptist Church members, 20% discount applies to all of your children.


Registration Fees

                                       1stChild                        2nd Child

                                         $45.00                          $15.00


We accept Child Action.