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  • "My oldest son attended Cordova Baptist for both preschool and Kindergarten and was well prepared to move on to first grade at a private catholic school. My youngest son is currently attending preschool at Cordova Baptist and looks forward to going to school each and every day! All of the teachers at Cordova Baptist have been at the school for several years and provide an excellent education to the students in a loving/caring environment. Summer school is the topping on the cake as the kids learn how to swim. My boys were both 3 years old when they learned how to swim and by the end of the summer they could swim and jump off the diving board without support. What a relief this is to parents when you no longer have to worry about your child falling into a swimming pool or any body of water and not knowing how to swim. I would recommend CPB&K to all families seeking a great education and a loving environment for your young children!!!!"
    - Submitted on Oct 21, 2009 by The Esquivel Family.

  • "Cordova Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten offers a stellar combination of academics, music education, art and play all in a loving and nurturing environment. Both of our daughters have attended Cordova Baptist. The oldest benefited from the Pre-K program that prepared her very well for Kindergarten. Our youngest has gained confidence away from home and among her peers. Each teacher is a seasoned professional who loves the children as if they were her own. Staff members stay for the same reason that so many parents rave about the school: There is no better place for children to thrive and begin a lifelong love of learning than at Cordova Baptist."
    - Submitted on Sept 30, 2009 by The Fitzhugh Family.

  • "Our family cherishes the staff and family values taught at Cordova Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten. Cordova Baptist was recommended to us by several people, including two kindergarten teachers, and several Gold River families whose children attended the school twenty five years ago; this is a testament to the quality education children receive at Cordova Baptist! Our oldest child has since left the school, but now our three year old is enjoying the preschool program that not only includes traditional teaching, but gardening, swimming and too many other wonderful activities to list. We love the school. We would recommend it to any parent seeking a loving, nurturing, yet educational environment for their child."
    - Submitted on Sept 15, 2009 by The Gerety Family.

  • "Our daughter and son attend this school and we think it is the best thing we could have done for them. The teachers are delightful and great with the kids. They teach children beyond the basics and important skills such as: to be polite, self control, be responsible, respect others, and play along with friend. This is such a quality school that believes in guarding a child's worth!!! We are so happy to have our kids be a part of such a wonderful school."
    - Submitted on Sept 8, 2009 by The Tan Family.

  • "My son goes to this school. It is a very good school with caring teachers, affordable tuition and they offer swimming lessons in their private pool during summer school."
    - Submitted on Sept 3, 2009 by The Kusumo Family.